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Why get married in Alcamo?
Because Alcamo is a city of narrow streets with numerous churches and convents of great beauty.  The long white sandy beach stretches for 6km along the gulf of Castellammare.

The traditional homemade pasta (busiate) with sardines and toasted bread crumbs is delicious.  The Sicilian “cassata” which is a sponge cake with ricotta filling and the “minne di vergine” (pastries with ricotta and chocolate filling) both go well with the famous Alcamo DOC wine.


Why get married in Castellammare del Golfo?
Because of  its splendid gulf of Castellammare and a bustling fish market. Moreover, Castellammare is a wonderful seaside resort with beautiful beaches, coves and sea stacks. Here you can admire romantic sunsets.

Its traditional cuisine based on raw and cooked fish is a true delicacy: pasta with sardines, swordfish with tomato sauce and sardines marinated in orange juice, all the dishes are complimented by the local fine wines. Amongst it’s typical sweets you can taste the famous Sicilian cannoli filled with sweet ricotta cream.


Why get married in Scopello?
Because it is a tiny hamlet overlooking the sea that surrounds Sicily and it is famous for its old tuna plant(tonnara). In the village we can find the lively “baglio” (a courtyard surrounded by houses) with restaurants, craft shops and small ceramic shop painted with the typical Sicilian colours. Scopello is a traditional tuna factory nestled in spectacular sea stacks.

You must try the “sfincione“(Sicilian pizza); the delicious “pane cunzato“ (bread filled with slices of tomato, anchovies and the fresh Sicilian cheese “primosale” with oregano and olive oil); the delicious cassatelle (sweets filled with ricotta cream cheese).


Why get married in San Vito Lo Capo?
Because it is an enchanting town surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the sea and white sandy beaches.

Cous cous is the typical dish: an exquisite dish made from wheat grains and garnished with fish, meat, vegetables, spices and wild herbs. You must taste the “caldofreddo” (hot and cold) a typical dessert made with ice-cream, sponge cake with a sweet liquor, cream and covered with hot chocolate served in the typical Sicilian earthenware bowl.


Why get married in Marsala?
Because it is famous all over the world for the “Marsala” wine. The salt trail (via del sale) begins here: you will enjoy the salty lagoon with its windmills where salt is produced. In the evening the rose coloured salt pans give spectacular sunsets around the lagoon and the four small islands.

You will love the traditional fish dishes combined with the best local wines. Finish off your meal with a typical pastry and the delicious Marsala wine.


Why get married in Mazara del Vallo?
You’ll admire beautiful buildings from the Norman and Arabic periods, a magnificent cathedral , all of which lead to the great fishing port on the Sicilian canal.

The traditional cuisine includes red prawns of Mazara prepared by the best local chefs and seasoned with the local olive oil. Typical pastries are prepared with pistacchio nuts.


Why get married in Trapani?
Because it is an elegant city overlooking a great port and the splendid Egadi islands.

Its traditional cuisine is a mixture of agricultural products and sea food. You can taste pasta with trapanese pesto prepared with basil leaves, almonds, tomatoes and garlic. Under the heat of the midday Sicilian sun refresh yourself with a typical lemon ice (granita).


Why get married in Favignana?

Because is a fascinating island with splendid beaches, coves and sea cliffs. Its waters are rich with tuna fish caught during the spring season and the tuna factory dominates the island.

The traditional cuisine is based on the typical tuna fish dishes that you can enjoy in the fine restaurants of the island.


Why get married in Erice?
Because it is one of the most beautiful and romantic villages of Sicily from the middle age period. The cobbled narrow streets,  houses made of stone and its pretty courtyards create a fairy-tale atmosphere. It is situated high on mount Erice and has a breathtaking view of the Egadi islands.

Among its fine pastries you will enjoy the small almonds sweets, the genovese (custard cream filled pastry)and the jams and marzipan fruits.


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